Our Partners

Your career success depends on the support and collaboration of many people. This list shows just some of the vendors we partner with as part of our Artist Development Programs. It does not include all our partner vendors, so watch for others to be added to this list in the future.

You may potentially work with some or all of them, and will be introduced to them when required. If you do choose to contact them directly, please refer to your MIND affiliation.

Sound Wave One

“Where hearing is believing”

Sound Wave One is Steven F. Adams, a ‘positive’ music album reviewer. With the most specialized style in the music industry, Steven showcases the positiveness of each artist and their music. He has written positive album reviews for artists around the globe, ranging from independent music artists to mainstream popular artists, and from all genres of the musical spectrum.

In a hostile and competitive world, Steven is filling a much needed niche to consistently bring a positive forum for both the reader and artist to appreciate. He is a positive music reviewer, not a music critic.

“Steven has been superb with his reviews. Extremely professional in his approach.”

— Rhett May, Australian musician

“If Steven writes an article for you it is a great honor.”

— Rachel Walker, Rachel Walker Trio, Canada

“Steven is thoughtful and gracious in his work.”

— Cheryl Nye, Canada

For more info visit our website at www.soundwaveone.wordpress.com.

Radiant Freedom Digital Marketing

Radiant Freedom Digital Marketing is here to help you create your brighter future using our digital marketing expertise. We’ve specialized our services to help starting musicians and entrepreneurs kick off their marketing strategy, so they can start to get exposure quickly.

By creating customized online systems, we’ll take you beyond your first steps to get you known and drive sales and success. We want to help you on the right road towards achieving your goals, and reaching your dreams as a main stream musician.

We look forward to being a part of your success team! Visit us today at www.radiantfreedom.com to learn more about how we can help you on your journey.


Run by Rob Saunders, DEUCE has established itself as being one of the leading companies in the music industry to offer services to independent bands and artists worldwide.

With a growing reputation of being at the forefront of the best new music on the scene, and with its idyllically placed office in London, DEUCE aims to ensure bands and artists are offered ways and means to get their music heard by the masses.

For full information on what DEUCE can offer, email rob@deucemusic.com