Artist Development Packages

Artist Development Packages

Think of our artist development program as a training school for your career, an investment in yourself, and the most direct route to achieving your dream.

When you select a program, you will be signed to our label and then all the things you need to move your career forward are here, in one place.

Each MIND Artist Development Package defines an entire process dedicated to each individual artist, including preproduction, recording, marketing, vocal training, producing, branding, booking, industry shopping, and more.

We also provide you with personal development support, so that you not only have a successful music career, but you discover who you truly are and become the reason you exist.

Beginner – starting out with up to 2-years’ experience playing & recording (playing in 200 plus environment).

Intermediate – 3 to 6-years’ experience playing & recording (playing in a 500 plus environment).

Pro – Over 7 years of playing and recording, plus opening for a well-known commercial artist(s) (playing in an over 700 plus environment).

Talent Development Yes No No
Pre-production Yes Yes Yes
Writing 5 songs
(4 chosen for EP)
6 songs
(4 chosen for EP)
10-12 songs
(2 EPs or 1 Album)
Bookings Local Gigs
(Venue: about 200 seats)
Local/Regional/National/International Tours
Venue: 200-350 seats
Venue: 500+ seats
Product Placement No Yes Yes
Business Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Publishing/Placement Yes Yes Yes
High Risk Management
  • Monitoring Social Media Content
  • Moderating
  • Handling Inappropriate Fans
  • Monitoring Social Media Content
  • Moderating
  • Handling Inappropriate Fans
  • Monitoring Social Media Content
  • Moderating
  • Handling Inappropriate Fans
  • Event Security
  • VIP Security
Photography Yes Yes Yes
Securing Investment No No Yes
Artist Development Plan
Monthly Payments
$400.00 $450 $500
Merchandising Yes Yes Yes
  • Social Media
  • Press Kit
  • Social Media
  • Press Kit
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Press Kit
  • Media Relations
  • PR
Marketing & Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Plan
Monthly Payments
$425 $450 $500
Platinum Plan
(Includes both plans)
Monthly Payments
$825 $900 $1000

Your Dreams are Achievable

Contact us today to learn more about the MIND Artist Development Program, and which package is best for your current situation.

At MIND, Your Dreams Do Come True!


Talent Development: This includes image development, vocal training, live and video performance coaching, choreography, and mindset and confidence building.

Pre-production: This is the process of learning the skills of writing and pre-producing. First we‘ll discuss ideas to lay down a creative foundation. Then, we will focus on writing structure, what writing elements work best for you, including lyrics, vocal annunciation, vocal performance and hiring session players.

Writing: We will write several songs with some to be chosen for your record. If we agree, and the opportunity arises, we will take outside songs from major artists, and or writers.

Bookings: Our goal is to solidify booking opportunities for you to build a live gig portfolio. Once your record is finished, we will begin the booking process.

Product Placement: Once shows have been booked, we will reach out to companies for product placement. Industry Product Managers want to be part of high viewing opportunities and look for artists to enhance their image. This goes hand in hand with booking.

High Risk Management: Although MIND will be the head of representation, we will build this brand as a team. All e-mails, letters, performance contracts, meetings, conference calls, will be shared as a team.

Business Consultation: Daily there will be questions that arise, problems that need to be fixed, and ideas that need to be nurtured. We will advise you through every phase of the development process so informed decisions can be made.

Our Business Consultations include:

  • Financial Management (Money Management, Budgeting)
  • Sourcing Service Providers
  • Contracts/legal Advice
  • Paying to have music played
  • Getting Deposits for Venues
  • Grant Applications

Publishing/Placements: Part of becoming a writer is building a catalog. Once a song writing catalog is properly produced it can be shopped to TV, Movies, and other placements. Finding the right publisher and publishing deal is very difficult. MIND will help serve your music to the proper outlets, increasing chances of acquiring a publishing deal, and or placement opportunities.

Publicity: We will try and get you exposure in as many physical and digital publications as we can. The focus is to build up stories and social proof for your electronic press kit, which would also include your artist bio, resume and photos, for future shopping.

Securing Investment: Once your entire Artist product is properly put together, we will begin shopping. The objective is to raise capital from outside investors and use their financial resources to help move forward with an outside partner, a major label or the label‘s subsidiary.

Photography:  You’ll partake in one full photo shoot with one of our professional photographers, that will include preparation help, makeup, and two different looks. Images will be used for your Album and other Marketing, including social media, inclusion in Exclaim Magazine, and other CD promotion activities. The necessary outfits, including shoes and jewelry, will be the responsibility of the client.

Marketing & Promotion: In order to seek out your fan base, investors, and others who will promote your music, MIND will help with branding, social media, video placement, interviews, event and airplay promotion, etc.