Artist Development

Music Artist Development

Tired of the run around, not getting important gigs, or just not making the right connections?

If you are seriously determined to make your mark in the music industry, it's time to come to Music in New Directions (MIND).



By nurturing your existing talent and style, we'll get you into the mainstream market in ways that would take you years to do on your own. Unlike college or other artist development cookie-cutter programs, you'll receive customized training for your genre, your career, Your Dream.

MIND provides music artist development for all aspects of your career growth. And you won’t be sitting in a classroom!

You will be immersed into the mainstream music market as you learn by doing – writing, performing, and recording. To ensure your dreams come true, MIND is artist-success driven providing customized packages that dedicate attention to your unique journey.

  • We are experienced music industry experts.
  • We are connected around the globe.
  • We are committed to your success.

Many music artists have launched their careers with the collaborators of MIND, including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Drake, The Weekend, One Direction, Meghan Trainer, and Sam Smith, just to name a few. These music icons have roots with us, and are now flourishing with their main stream success and popular acclaim with their massive fans around the world.

MIND executives helped them, and we can help YOU turn your dreams into reality with our one-year intensive Artist Development Program.


Upon entering a MIND Artist Development Program, you will be signed to our music label. This will be the foundation of your branding and promotion. As an artist building your business, you need the right people in your corner to make your journey less stressful. We’ll get you connected for massive exposure and provide extensive support to:

  • Record an album with songs written for you to explore your musical style.
  • Release a Top 5 chart single.
  • Build confidence by performing at gigs with 500+ people.
  • Create music videos for TV and Internet distribution.
  • Receive newspaper and other print media mentions.
  • Get airplay for your songs on multiple radio stations.
  • Explore how to build your fan base.
  • Discover how to interact with Industry Executives.

And that's just the beginning!

Check the Our Partners Page to see other avenues of exposure and support resources that we can offer when it applies to your personal career path.

This essential exposure creates the buzz and excitement that many of our artists experience, such as being recognized on the street by groups of excited fans.

You will learn how to deal with the everyday challenges of being in this business, from the beginning stages of learning the fundamentals to enjoying and managing success and fame. Get more details on the best Artist Development package for you.


MIND is also affiliated with the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), who host the annual Juno Awards in Canada. This three-day event, including a gala party after the awards ceremony, brings out the best of the music industry executives. As part of the MIND family, you will have access to these decision makers to gain major leads or referrals to further fast track your music career. It’s an essential part of making your dreams come true.


To propel your artist development, MIND provides career building essentials that start with a label signing and include studio sessions, plus gig and tour bookings to strengthen your performance skills.

Our Artist Development plans include complementary signing to our in-house record label, where we will assist you in getting studio time, radio play, tour bookings, and much more.

With these support entities and others, you will gain confidence and propel your performance skills so you are ready for any opportunity.


Depending on your unique career plan, MIND will pull the right team together to refine your talent and skills, get you over any career road blocks, and eliminate the clutter of your financial needs along the way.

With access to some of the best folks in the business, your personal team could include:

  • Vocal Trainers
  • Performance Consultants
  • Wardrobe Stylists
  • Hair and Make Up Artists
  • Photographers
  • Video producers
  • Choreographers
  • Producers
  • Music Publishers
  • Writers
  • Promoters
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Investors
  • Confidence Building Coaches
  • Publicists
  • Financial Advisers
  • Media
  • Musicians and Singers
 Your personal team will depend on where you are in your career, and together we'll determine what you need to prioritize for your artistic and business development.



MIND is a safe haven for you to build your music legacy, in all aspects – musical talent and personal growth. You will learn about your true essence of being, and how to be remembered for the purpose of why you are on this planet.

We want to help you build a sustainable career in the music industry, and evolve you as a Spirit of the Time. A one-year focused artist development program will do that.

Contact us today to start your success journey.