About Us

About Us


Music in New Directions is a company in motion creating emotion, with founder Jeffrey Rubin passionately guiding artists along the path to their music career success.


Music in New Directions (MIND) is an all-in-one entertainment and grass roots training service providing the best quality Artist Development Programs to propel emerging artists towards a successful music career in the mainstream market. Artists learn by doing producing faster results than being in a classroom, and MIND creates opportunities to turn those artists’ dreams into reality.

Mission Statement

Music in New Directions unearths the next artist gem and polishes them until their innate magnificence is fully revealed. We nurture the emerging artist’s creative spirit to help them define their unique purpose in this world.


MIND creates a safe haven for rising stars, a place where they can put their roots down and start growing. A label that feels like home with plenty of support to keep them on the steady track to achieving their dreams.

Core Values

  • Respect for the Individual – MIND respects all clients and companies with the same courtesy of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.
  • Gratitude – MIND is a company where all clients are greatly received and acknowledged for all that they do for us, as well for what we do for them.
  • Moral & Ethical – MIND maintains an ethical commitment to all our clients to preserve the bond achieved as we work together for the common good of our society and world we live in. We pledge to act morally in all the legal business behaviours which bind us and other partners together.
  • Business Excellence – We at MIND are obliged to maintain a professional service to all our clients and companies with continued support for all concerns at all times. Whenever our clients need that extra assurance, we are there!


Jeffrey Rubin has a commitment to building something unique, something different from the cookie cutter formulas of other artist development resources. Jeffrey recognized that agents would play an increasingly important role in every musician‘s career development, and thus Music in New Directions was born.

MIND has a history of seeking out and developing alternative venues, bringing music to previously untapped places, and has established a strong presence at nearly every major festival and music industry event, in North America. MIND also ensures the most beneficial, seamless deals for its artists creating new opportunities to bring exciting live performances to their fans.

Meet Jeffrey Rubin

Jeffrey RubinJeffrey Rubin is the go-to person and expert in connecting artists to opportunity.

His music industry experience stems from fifteen years at Canada’s Sam the Record Man, where his multi-faceted career included back stage access alongside prominent artists.

In 2005 until 2011, Jeffrey established Banana Peel Radio, an online radio station which promoted over 2400 bands and an amazing following of loyal fans. During that time, he was also a music critic on Sonic Bids, Music X-Ray and Audio Rocket. Jeffrey built a respectful reputation for helping promote unsigned indie artists and connecting them with other radio stations, publicists, and promoters, so they could get noticed through more airplay.

He has introduced artists to agents, PR representation, alternative studios, and has promoted them in print media like NME and Exclaim Magazines. It was a logical progression to start MIND to establish Artist Development Programs.

Complementing his music industry expertise, Jeffrey is a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner from The Canadian Payroll Association. His accounting skills are invaluable for all aspects of finance management in the music industry, not just for MIND business, but for the artists they support.

Jeffrey runs his own bookkeeping and payroll agency called Rubin Payroll.

Meet Celena "Pinky" Simms

Celena "Pinky" Simms

Celena Simms better known in the music industry as "Pinky" often jokes she fell into the music world back in 2012. "Pinky" began dabbling in the industry helping a well known indie musician friend, with the promotion of an upcoming single. Another country music artist followed her work and was impressed. Within a few short months Celena had created a fan site on Twitter from scratch with well over a thousand followers and had developed an online presence for herself from virtually nothing. "It was a hobby but people liked what I was doing!"

Celena dedicated the next 2 years to research and learning about social media while working for 2 country music clients and expanding her network of online contacts.

In 2014 Black Mountain Social Media was created, in 2017 the company changed the name to Black Mountain Music & Media to better reflect the services offered.

Celena has combined her University background in Arts with a focus on Psychology and Diploma of Social Work, her exposure to music as a youth coming from a musical family and her creative and artistic side to develop a company unique among other Social Media and Artist Development Companies in North America today. As a result she has surpassed her own company goals within the first 3 years of business. In 2017 she was honoured to speak at the Round Table Discussions during Country Music Week at the Canadian Country Music Association 2017 Awards.

In 2015 she was offered mentoring from a distinguished Industry Member, Cameron Tilbury, a well known and respected member of the Radio and Music community in Canada, Nashville and UK, not only increasing her knowledge base but opening doors to many more networking opportunities.

Celena currently works with 7 artists, 2 hold many awards, and have charted on both charts in Canada. She not only provides Social Media, but also offers Artist Development and Personal Management. Celena has also worked with a radio station in the UK, and is currently working with a client in West Virginia. She was nominated for Chris Top Award for Management Excellence in 2016. 


At MIND, you will be surrounded by positive people in our grass roots approach to help you understand your purpose, and make your dreams come true.

In university, Jeffrey delved into studying philosophy which led him to embracing the theory of Zeit Geist, or The Spirit of the Time. It taught him the true purpose of why we are here in the metaphysical sense, which is beyond the physical world. We are the essence of our own existence, which is made up of what people believe to be true and what is absolutely true.

Learn the essence of your existence. It will define your purpose, which creates your vision and your mission, which is expressed by your message, which is what God put you in this world to be remembered for.

This is your Spirit of Your Time on Earth that will create your legacy.

From there, you become your brand which you promote to your tribe, who are the society that embraces what you identify with.

At MIND, you are taught how to deal with the everyday challenges that can hold you back. We want to ensure that your proper mindset is working in accordance to your mind map, which are the proper steps you need to allow your dreams to become reality.  This fundamental transformation will move thoughts from your sub conscious mind, or your internal hard drive, to a self-awareness that will drive a total commitment and accountability that your dreams will become reality.

We instill these fundamental mindset, confidence building blocks into our artists so that you can absorb the reality of who you are, so you can become your Zeitgeist, your Spirit of the Time. For the time you are on Earth, you can be remembered for the purpose of why you are here, and the essence of your existence is the route to your legacy in the making.

Jeffrey inspires emerging artists, like you, to not only have a successful music career, but to discover who you truly are and become the reason you exist.


MIND Founder Jeffrey Rubin is passionate about making a difference in the world by providing our future children with an avenue to create a name for themselves and achieve their music career dreams.

He is also committed to giving back a 40% portion of their profits to Rett Syndrome, and opioid and fentanyl addiction societies. Jeffrey’s hopes are to help shape the lives of those in need of proper care so that they can have a chance to make a better life for themselves.

Ideally, their dedication to help will result in researchers finding a cure for the young girls who are diagnosed with this dreadful Rett Syndrome disease.

Find out more about Rett Syndrome


Your music career can skyrocket to the next level, with the ethical, practical, and passionate help from your personal MIND team. Learn more about our Artist Development Program, or Contact Us to get started.